Anonymous asked: I got my back dimples pierced Saturday, and on Sunday I had to turn one of them because It was upside down, now that same one is causing me so much pain. It was really red, and swollen this morning. I couldn't walk. Someone had to squeeze all this..

Sorry I didn’t reply to this, I hope it’s okay now! :)

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Anonymous asked: How'd you come up with the ideas for your sleeves?

i don’t even know that myself haha

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Anonymous asked: You're so pretty oh my goodness! Haha sorry I don't mean to sound weird :P

Thank you

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Anonymous asked: OMG tattoos look so stupid

I hate people like you. Get you shit together and stop acting like you’re 12 years old online.

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Anonymous asked: Definetly one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, just thought you might've wanted to know!

No way, thank you so much! Made my day

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Anonymous asked: Everyone from Sweden is so beautiful do you kill the ugly people

Yes, I do all the killing.

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Bored and alone


Oh, so women can’t dress how they want because men can’t control their sexual urges? When dogs can’t control their sexual urges, we cut off their balls.

I think I’m onto something here.

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